Why to learn Turkish :

Turkish is spoken by 75 million people as a mother tongue language which makes it one of the 15th most applicable language. Turkish also serves as a second Language to almost 15 million people. Turkish speakers are resided in Balkans and West Europe other than Turkey. Germany has experienced the highest number of Turks as its main immigrants and has been a second bed to Turkish language while German makes the first.
Republic of Turkey is an important strategic country connected to East Europe, Central Asia and Middle East on a cultural and geographical bound. Turkey is known as the top 16th world economy and the middle status families are on the rise regarding the size and population. With the massive growth of economy and politics in Turkey and the huge volume of Iran-Turkey trades, and the Iranian tourists' move toward this country, learning about the language and the culture of the country is a real asset for many companies, NGOs, governmental and research institutes.
On the other hand, there to be enormous job opportunities in many different divisions including Technology, cybersecurity, energy, tourism, finance, profession and law, and government.

Last modified: Sunday, 22 September 2019, 12:07 PM