The importance of learning English :

Nowadays the most comprehensive means of conveying mental Concepts is through oral and written modes of language. Whilst people used to communicate by means of signs and pictures, they cannot meet our needs nowadays since they have an adverse effect on the quality of communication.
Given the fact English has turned to be used by a large number of people from a wide range of cultures, it has obtained an undeniable significance.
Learning English is absolutely essential for anyone wishing to pursue ones academic dreams. This holds true for a manager, an employee and a worker who longs for further success and progress, because they can benefit from other people's experiences and update their knowledge through communication.
Moreover, the need for having a common language to communicate with others and achieve social and scientific objectives is more deeply felt. Hence, mastering English, which has turned into the communicative tool for a large number of people around the world, is at the top of physicians, politicians, businesspeople and researchers agenda.
Today English is used by 400 million people in Britain, the USA, Canada and Australia as native speakers as well as millions of people across the globe so as to satisfy their scientific-cultural requirements.

Last modified: Sunday, 22 September 2019, 11:59 AM