In the name of God

The History of Iran National Language Institution
Holding the official permit issued by the Ministry of Education, Iran National Language Institution was launched in summer of 1969 and is currently drawing on a half century of proud serving so as to do ever more for the Iranians
This educational organization has successfully bypassed all the ups and downs in its way with the help of the almighty God and the support of its colleagues at various managerial levels. Today, we confidently announce that by the grace of God, this great educational family has grown into a nationwide reputable brand well-received by our beloved people

The Virtual Learning Center and its objectives:
Second language education has proved to an inevitable part and parcel of the international community. Besides, we firmly believe that cyberspace plays a major role in education all across the globe.
Therefore, Iran National Language Institution set out to create an internet-based educational environment to allow all students in different levels in Iran and other countries to receive up-to-date educational services, and to help them develop their language skills by joining INLI’s e-learning club.
Our belief is that training should not stop at any time or on any day, and all those who do not have the opportunity to attend physical classrooms can join this club in order to receive the required education provided by the best native and non-native instructors.
It is worth noting that today virtual education has complemented or even replaced traditional methods because it does not encounter problems such as long distance, costly enrollments, traffic jams, and lack of time. Moreover, learners simply need a computer to learn their lessons in a laid-back, stress-free environment.
Unlike physical classrooms, you will have the possibility of recording and reviewing the materials of each class in the virtual learning environment, and this facilitates the optimization of language learning process by making use of the principle of reviewing and recycling.     

  Managing director
  Ghasem Molaei

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